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Commander's Corner

Commander Mitchell Keil

Commander Keil served in the United States Marine Corps between 2006-2010 deploying two times. In 2008 he was deployed to the Helmand Province of Afghanistan where he performed convoy security missions during Operation Azada Wosa. His second deployment was on a Marine Expeditionary Unit, where he was involved in Operation Unified Response, the United States military response to the 2010 Haiti Earthquake.

Commander's Corner: About Us

Dear Comrades and Community,

       It is my honor to be the Commander of American Legion Post #125 as we move out of a difficult two years concerning COVID-19. I've been involved in the American Legion for the past six years. Working my way through the different leadership positions in the Post. I am excited for the opportunity to move this post into the future, I'm becoming more active on the social media platforms. Check Facebook often for Post Happenings and I've recently started an instagram account. 

      It is my goal to expand our membership from its current 200 level back to the incredible 900 members that were once active. While that number may be out of reach with our declining population in the area it won't stop me from trying. I am constantly reaching out to my friends for connections. I also want to see our members become more active within the post and our events. 

     Members:  Please keep your eyes open for mailings quarterly detailing our successes and upcoming member events.

    Community:  Please reach out to me about getting the American Legion involved in your events!

Thank you,

Mitchell Keil

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