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Children & Youth

Helping veterans is our main goal. Our second objective is to be involved with local children to instill patriotism, strengthen the family unit, and support organizations that provide services to children and youth.

Our aim is to present new flags each year to our 3 elementary and 2 high schools on Flag Day (June 14) for display the following school year. During this presentation we will talk about the symbolic meaning of the flag and proper flag ettiquette.

Sports Night

We have begun planning the return  of this event back to the Post in order to honor student athletes of the incoming Senior Class (2023) that have been able to maintain a position on the Honor Roll through the duration of the high school career. 

The evening will include dinner, a guest speaker, and a presentation of awards.

At the end of every school year we participate in the evening of awards. Our award is given to a male and female student in recognition of their patriotism, courage, honor, and leadership.

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